Monday, March 20, 2017

Another Colouring Pictorial

This time I'm using Disco Fever which is the March image from the TrooBloo Subscription package. She will be available 'til the end of March. You can see the last image and post that I did here.

I will just be doing "basic colouring", nothing fancy... but that curly hair lol.  So many ways to do curly hair but I will show you how I do it on this image.

I'm hoping to even make time to get her on a card.  Don't hold your breath or run any bets tho' [big wink].

So won't you grab this image/subscription in the Bloobel Store and come join us in the Bloobel Stamps Facebook Group?


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Copic Earthtones

Well, the best laid plans... often go awry lol.  I didn't have a plan for colours when I set out, but I had decided to stick with just the Earthtones.  If I do them again, I will soften the shirt colours.  I did "cheat" tho' (okay, read: wasn't thinking lol) and added my standard BV20 to my skintones and R20 to the lips.  If I was re-doing, I'd stick with the E93 or 95 on her lips with the E04 and I'd change up the BV20 for E71.

Juggler - part of the TrooBloo Subscription package (this was February)

Steampunk Time  
Copics Used:
Skin - E50-51-21-11-BV20 (could use E71 if sticking to just the Copic E's); E93-95 cheeks; R20-E04 lips
Eyes - E71-81-0; E51-23-27
Hair - E51-55-57
Hats - E71-74-77-79
Vests and pants (and hat bands) - E81-84-87-89
Blouse/dress - E93-95-97-0
Leggings - E08-93; E93-0
Wheel for Juggler - E33-35-37; E44-47-49; E81 (pedal shaft)
Juggling Balls - E97-08-09
Cogs - E50-81-84;E50-42-43-84; E50-84-95

Oh... and here's another teaser for the TrooBloo Subscription and she's available for this month - 

Coffee Bath from TrooBloo Subscription - March

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Easter Parade of Hats

It's the beginning of a new month with another Progressive Challenge at Bloobel Stamps Facebook Group.

This month we have a whole Easter Parade going.  Lisa couldn't just stop at one image, she gave us 6 to choose from!  I chose Easter Parade Judy and then got her a little sidekick called Easter Parade Marty (the cat).  The twist this month is to dress up/add to those hats.  So, I added a little duckling peeking over the top of Judy's bonnet and maybe hoping that sly cat doesn't see him.

If you didn't play in the previous month's Progressive Challenge, you can still 'buy your way in', by purchasing one of the specific images (the Easter Parade crew) and colouring it up and entering in the Facebook Group.  You can see all the images in the Bloobel shop here.

Copics Used:
Judy -
E50-51-21-11-BV20; E93-RV11; R20-E04
G20-43-C3; C00-1-3
YR02-07; Y11-08-17-26
Marty - 
N1-C7-W4-T10-E35; E93-W4
E93-E04 (nose)
Ground and Background -
E42-43-44; Y00-02-"0"

That's it from me for now.  Hope to see you join us in the Bloobel Stamps Facebook Group and also the Passionate Paper Creations and Friends Facebook Group.  Always lots of fun and inspiration happening in these groups.


Angels Hearts and Memories February release

I've already shown you Cleaning Claire.  But let me show you the rest of the oh-so-cute images at Angels Hearts n' Memories.

Enchanting Echo

Confident Cassie

Lucky Linaya

Cleaning Claire


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cleaning Claire

Let me introduce you to Cleaning Claire.  She is one of the Angels Hearts n' Memories exclusive new releases.  Angela actually inked up these cuties herself from just sketches!  I don't wanna know the process... I just know it's not as easy as "etch-a-sketch" lol.

So I've created a fun fold card with some heavy decorative paper from my stash.

The cardstock and stamp are from Stampin' Up; the small sentiment inside is computer generated by me and punched out with a retired Stampin' Up punch
Die cut Flowers - Heartfelt Creations

Coloured with Copics:
E50-51-21-11-BV20; E93-RV11
E41-42-43; E34-37


Monday, February 27, 2017

Sponsor of the Week - LDRS Creative

It's Sponsor Week with LDRS Creative at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends Facebook Group!  Now would be a good time to be a member if you're not already because... LDRS Creative has a special 25% off code this week and it's just for members.  WooHoo!

So I wanted to create something for Sponsor Week but... I don't have any stamps from LDRS (how did that happen?!) but... I have some truly awesome dies that were calling me.  And I needed to show you I'm not just about the colouring lol.

Creative Basics Dies were used along with some retired paper I had at hand.  A little bit of Stampin' Up cardstock and some light sponging and I had a quick and relatively simple, and dare I say "elegant"?, card. 

Dies Used:

  That's it from me for now.  Hope to see you over at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends Facebook Group.

I follow the Mojo Monday challenge blog and thought I'd play along with one of their sketches, just for fun.  Even when their challenges are closed, those sketches are pretty great starts to a card or layout.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Colouring Pictorial

Edited to show the final coloured image at the bottom of this post.  I won't show my steps.  You'll have to join the Bloobel Group if you want/need to see 'em ;-)

Well, it's no secret that I'm slightly fond (okay... addicted) to Lisa and her Bloobel Stamps so this week on the Bloobel Stamps Facebook Group, I'm going to be posting a colouring pictorial of Big Girl Bloomers.

Why?  Well, 'cause I want to share my love of "art" and the joy of colouring/painting (I really think the Copic/alcohol markers are and can be more than just "marker colouring"... you're blending and experimenting with colour so you're creating an artwork be it on a canvas or paper).  I've learned (and am still learning and experimenting) a LOT from the sharing of other artists (there are many great video tutorials and teachers online and I follow many of 'em and soak up and really analyze their completed art) and one of 'em, Rhea, challenged one of our groups (pretty sure it was Passionate Paper Creations and Friends - a group I have belonged to and learned from for a long time) to colour along with her and I jumped at the chance and had a great time (I'd only been playing with my copics about a year and hadn't done any serious colouring).  Even using another artists' colours and following along with the pictures (use your eyes to see where they've placed those colours/strokes where the original artist/line drawing did not), you learn a lot and become... dare I say, braver?

Bottom line... there are NO WRONGS.  A mistake/boo-boo is just an opportunity to embellish (a physical embellishment or with your colouring medium).  I always tell anyone I'm teaching that if someone/a teacher tells you theirs is the only way/the right way to do something... run.  That being said, if you're lucky enough to take from a good instructor/teacher/artist, do as they do even if it is "different" to what you would normally - you never know how you will incorporate these new twists and techniques into your own art.  You may embrace it, or you may say, it's not for me.  But you have expanded your education and skill set.

Sometimes I go light to dark with my markers/colours, sometimes I build up dark to light and sometimes, I start in the middle.  Even if you use the same colours, yours may turn out differently as each artist blends differently and lays down colour differently and laying down colours in different orders can really change up the value.  I have my go-to skin colours "today" but next week I may have new ones or a new order (and often my "new" colours come from another artist/blog who has willingly shared their "ingredients"; and sometimes I just experiment, or grab what's "close" lol or... make a happy accident).  This is what I'm liking now.  Experiment.  If you don't like a colour, try going over it with another Copic marker colour... they're translucent so pretty forgiving this way and it's often really fun (the very dark colours don't play nice this way lol) - I've been known to start some brown hair, hate where I'm going, and throw a yellow wash overtop; a green outfit might get a wash of blue.  There are NO WRONGS.

And what did I do with Rhea?  A piece called Goblin Market in February 2015 (two years ago... I'd only had my markers [and a small set at that] since late spring 2014).  A very overwheming "beginner" piece lol.  I very nearly quit several times but pushed on and was really pleased with it when I called it done.  Rhea kept posting to do small areas at a time.  Yup.  Break your pieces down into manageable areas, it'll all come together in the end.  It's something I knew from my Decorative Painting days... it's gonna go thru the uglies before you start being happy with it... keep going.

So, won't you join us over at the Bloobel Stamps Facebook Group?  Pick up the Big Girl Bloomers and colour along?  It doesn't have to be in "real time" as the steps will be posted in an album but if you have questions, I will try, or someone will try to answer 'em for you.  Lisa is even offering a gift certificate for her store for a random participant.  And I will offer my completed coloured image to someone who participates - if they want it (I will also use a random generator... or pull a name from a hat lol).

Completed Image: